Importing from Microsoft Excel (Office 2016+, iOS, web)

If you are using Microsoft Excel 2016+, or in the cloud (via a web browser) or on iPad OS, you can use the dedicated Microsoft Excel 2016+ add-in. With this add-in you can import or export data to and from any product in your SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, or SpiraPlan application. The add-in works for requirements, releases, incidents, tasks, and test cases with their test steps.

In legacy versions of this add-in you need to download a static excel template to help make sure you enter data into it in the correct way. This add-in dynamically creates the sheet headers and cell validation based off of the specific selections you make.


To install the add-in:

1. Connect to your Spira app

You can use this add-on with SpiraTest®, SpiraTeam®, or SpiraPlan®. If you are using Excel in the browser, your Spira app needs to be accessible over the internet.

Spira add-in login screen

You will be notified if there is an issue with your url or the user information you provided.

2. Choose which mode to use

This add-in has two separate modes: exporting; and importing.

Spira mode selection screen

Once you have successfully logged in to your Spira application, you need to decide what you want to use this add-in for. You can go back and change your mind at any time.

3. Prepare for the data transfer

If you are getting data from or sending data to Spira you first have to select the product and artifact to use from the dropdown menus.

Spira data transfer screen

Getting data from Spira: once you have your product and artifact selected, click the button to start the export process. The add-in gets every entry of that artifact in the chosen product so it may take some time.

Sending data to Spira: before you can enter data into the sheet click "Prepare Sheet" to create a template for that product and artifact. Once the sheet is ready click the Send button to add that data to Spira.

Fields: working with required fields

Fields: how certain 'special' fields work

Item 1
> Item 2 child of item 1
> Item 3 child of item 1
> > Item 4 child of item 3

Other actions you can do on this page

Spira example of date and sheet

Entering Data for different artifacts

Privacy Policy

Inflectra respects the privacy of its customers. This Excel add-in does not collect or transmit any user information. Nothing about the user is stored in the add-in once you have closed it or logged out. If you are using a cloud hosted Spira application then by using this add-in you will be required to connect to your cloud application, managed by Inflectra to import or export the required data. Inflectra does not collect any of this data. For more information about our policies for cloud hosted customers, please refer to our hosting terms of service