Importing from Microsoft Project

The web-based interface of SpiraTeam® is ideal for creating and managing requirements, releases/iterations and tasks for a new project. However when migrating requirements and tasks from an existing project, it is useful to be able to load in an existing project plan in batch and have SpiraTeam be able to interpret the data.

To simplify this task, SpiraTeam® comes with a Microsoft Project Add-In that can export requirements, releases and tasks from a populated MS-Project plan into SpiraTeam®. In addition, the Add-In allows you to import those same artifacts back into the MS-Project plan to make batch updates which can then be used to update the master copies on the server.

Note that this guide refers to SpiraTeam®, but the MS-Project Add-In can be used with SpiraPlan® as well.

Installing the Microsoft Project Add-In

The first thing you need to do is to go to the "Add-Ons and Downloads" page of the Inflectra Website (it can be found in the SpiraPlan or SpiraTeam sections), and download the MS-Office Add-Ins installation package. There are separate packages for the following versions of MS Office:

MS-Office 2003 Add-Ins -- these are compatible with Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007. They can connect to SpiraTeam v2.3 or later. They also require Microsoft .NET 3.5.

MS-Office 2007 Add-Ins -- these are compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010. They can connect to SpiraTeam v3.0 or later. They also require Microsoft .NET 4.0.

MS-Office 2010 Add-Ins -- these are compatible with Microsoft Office 2010 and all later versions. They can connect to SpiraTeam v5.0 or later. They also require Microsoft .NET 4.0.

This installation package will install the add-ins for Microsoft Excel, Word and Project at the same time. If you don't have the correct version of Microsoft .NET installed or some of the necessary prerequisites, you will be given the opportunity to install them when you first run the installation package.

Once you have the MS-Project Add-In installed, the second thing you may want to download is the SampleProjectFile.mpp MS-Project plan. This project file contains a fully-populated project plan and is a good sample to test the import/export before using a real project plan.

Once you have downloaded the project file, please double-click on it to open it up in MS-Project. You will notice that there is an additional toolbar displayed in MS-Project which is used for importing/exporting data to/from SpiraTeam:

If you are using the MS-Project 2010 Add-In, you will see a modified version of the toolbar that makes use of the MS-Office Ribbon:

This toolbar allows you to connect to SpiraTeam, and perform the import/export. The process for using this toolbar is described below:

Connecting to SpiraTeam®

The first thing you need to do is to click on the [Connect] button to specify the information used to connect to your instance of SpiraTeam:

Please enter the following information into the dialog box:

Once you have entered the necessary information, please click [Connect] to authenticate with the server. If the login information is invalid, you will see an error message appear, otherwise you will be connected and the list of projects and artifacts will be populated. If you want to end your session, you should just click the [Disconnect] button and the Add-In will close your connection.

Choosing the Project

Once you have successfully connected to SpiraTeam, you should now choose the appropriate Project in the system that you will be importing / exporting to / from:


Once you have selected the project, there are three buttons that you can now use:

Importing/Exporting Data

The MS-Project Add-In is capable of either importing data from SpiraTeam into the project file or exporting data from the project file to SpiraTeam. However it is important to understand how the system knows whether to add new items to SpiraTeam or whether to update existing items:

Importing from SpiraTeam

The Add-In will import the tasks from SpiraTeam into the MS-Project file based on the following rules:

Exporting to SpiraTeam

The Add-In will export the tasks in the MS-Project file into SpiraTeam based on the following rules:

Be careful when you indent/outdent a task in MS-Project. If you take a non-summary item (which would be represented by a Task in SpiraTeam) and make it a summary item by adding child tasks, when you next run Export, it will get added as a new Requirement in SpiraTeam, with the child tasks added as Tasks. The old task will still remain in SpiraTeam and will need to be manually removed.