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SpiraApps Developer Reference

This page provides reference information for multiple parts of SpiraApp development. Separate reference information about the manifest is also available.

Manifest Lookups

There are a number of places in the manifest file where lookups are required. The different lookups and what they relate to are listed below.

Setting types

The following IDs are allowed for the settingTypeId property for system admin settings and product admin settings. Not all of these wil

ID Setting Type
1 plain text
2 Rich text (html)
3 ArtifactCustomProperty
4 Integer
5 ArtifactStatusSingleSelect
6 ArtifactStatusMultiSelect
7 ArtifactStandardField
8 ArtifactFlexibleCustomProperty
9 Multi line plain text

Artifact Types

The list below shows the relevant IDs for different artifacts in Spira.

ID Artifact Type
1 Requirement
2 TestCase
3 Incident
4 Release
5 TestRun
6 Task
7 TestStep
8 TestSet
9 AutomationHost
10 AutomationEngine
12 RequirementStep
13 Document
14 Risk
15 RiskMitigation


The list below shows the relevant IDs for different pages where SpiraApps can run from. Every page below support pageContents and menus, but only list pages support columns.

ID Page Supports columns
1 TestCaseList Y
2 TestCaseDetails N
3 TestRunList Y
4 TestRunDetails N
5 ReleaseDetails N
6 RiskList Y
7 RiskDetails N
8 RequirementList Y
9 RequirementDetails N
10 ReleaseList Y
11 TestSetList Y
12 TestSetDetails N
13 TaskList Y
14 TaskDetails N
15 DocumentList Y
16 DocumentDetails N
17 AutomationHostList Y
18 AutomationHostDetails N
19 IncidentList Y
20 IncidentDetails N

Action Types

The list below shows the IDs for different action types.

ID Page
2 Function

Dashboard Types

The list below shows the IDs for different dashboard pages in Spira.

ID Dashboard Available to SpiraApps
1 ProductHome Y
2 ProductReports Y
3 MyPage Y
4 ProgramHome N
5 PortfolioHome N
6 EnterpriseHome N
7 ProgramReports N

Available Grid IDs

The following gridIDs are available when calling the spiraAppManager.gridIds function.

  • requirementSteps
  • riskMitigations
  • testCaseTestSteps

Available resources

Inflectra Javascript helpers

Each Javascript contents for a SpiraApp is embedded on the relevant page wrapped in an IIFE block and set to use strict. The SpiraApp code is also prepended to include access to useful constants:

  • spiraAppManager: an instance of a helper class, described more below
  • APP_GUID: string of the SpiraApp's guid

You can read the contents of these constants, but cannot write to them.

Additionally, if a SpiraApp has any relevant settings these are stored in the SpiraAppSettings object. The settings for a SpiraApp can be accessed with SpiraAppSettings[APP_GUID]. This will store key/values based on each relevant setting and its name field as specific in the manifest. Product settings are loaded onto all product specific pages. System settings are loaded onto the My Page.


The spiraAppManager is a helper class that provides a wide range of useful functions and operations to SpiraApps. Read its reference material here.


SpiraApp admins can store settings at the system and product level. These allow admins to configure the SpiraApp and also set information that the SpiraApp can access. These settings are stored in a special on page resource called SpiraAppSettings.

You can access the settings specific to your SpiraApp in JavaScript by calling SpiraAppSettings[APP_GUID]. This will provide a full JSON object of all relevant settings. Secure settings are not accessible client-side - these are designed for credentials storage to make external API calls.

The different settings are accessible in the following places (note that not all settings are available in all places)

Spira Location System Settings Product Settings
Product artifact pages
Product home page
Product reporting
My Page

Third party Javascript libraries

The following third party Javascript libraries and tools are available to SpiraApps:

  • React v16.14
  • Mustache

Spira provides a number of resources that SpiraApps can use to provide rich, powerful, and seamless user experiences. These are designed to provide developers a comprehensive and developer-friendly toolset to create SpiraApps that can (and should) feel like native Spira features.

Inflectra CSS helpers

HTML elements added to the page for a SpiraApp (like a menu or widget) is wrapped in a containing div that has the guid of the SpiraApp as a property. Any CSS added onto the page for the SpiraApp is nested with this same property on the page. This means the SpiraApp CSS cannot change any CSS elsewhere on the page

Inflectra's Unity CSS library is available to SpiraApps. While it exists within Spira, the basics and its classes are available to help you plan and review your css on GitHub.

Spira Artifact Images

The following images are available for SpiraApps to access to help enhance the appearance of any UX. Use the baseThemeUrl property from the SpiraAppManager to aid in retrieval. Note that all of the images below are in SVG format and in the "Images" folder.

  • artifact-UseCaseStep.svg
  • artifact-AutomationHost.svg
  • artifact-Baseline.svg
  • artifact-Build.svg
  • artifact-Capability.svg
  • artifact-CapabilitySummary.svg
  • artifact-Configuration.svg
  • artifact-Document.svg
  • artifactHighlight-planningBoard.gif
  • artifactHighlight-risk.gif
  • artifactHighlight-risk.png
  • artifactHighlight-sourceCode.gif
  • artifactHighlight-task.gif
  • artifact-Incident.svg
  • artifact-Iteration.svg
  • artifact-Planning.svg
  • artifact-PlanningBoard.svg
  • artifact-PortfolioMilestone.svg
  • artifact-ProgramMilestone.svg
  • artifact-Project.svg
  • artifact-PullRequest.svg
  • artifact-Release.svg
  • artifact-RepositoryTest.svg
  • artifact-Requirement.svg
  • artifact-RequirementStep.svg
  • artifact-RequirementSummary.svg
  • artifact-Resource.svg
  • artifact-Revision.svg
  • artifact-Revision-Add.svg
  • artifact-Revision-Delete.svg
  • artifact-Risk.svg
  • artifact-RiskMitigation.svg
  • artifact-SourceCode.svg
  • artifact-StrategicOutcome.svg
  • artifact-Task.svg
  • artifact-TestCase.svg
  • artifact-TestCaseNoSteps.svg
  • artifact-TestConfigurationSet.svg
  • artifact-TestLink.svg
  • artifact-TestRun.svg
  • artifact-TestSet.svg
  • artifact-TestStep.svg
  • artifact-UseCase.svg
  • FolderOpen.svg
  • Folder.svg
  • product-TaraVault.svg
  • org-Administration.svg
  • org-Component.svg
  • org-Enterprise.svg
  • org-Portfolio.svg
  • org-Program-outline.svg
  • org-Project-outline.svg
  • org-spiraApp.svg
  • org-Template-outline.svg
  • product-SpiraPlan.svg
  • product-SpiraTeam.svg
  • product-SpiraTest.svg

Third party CSS libraries

The following third party CSS libraries are available to SpiraApps: