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Release Notes for Spira v8

Version 8.1 (June 2024)


In addition to using AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild now integrates with Spira, so you can see the CodeBuild results on releases and sprints.

As part of our efforts to enhance the auditability and traceability of administrator activities, all changes to product roles are now tracked in system history.

New Features
  • As a system admin, I can see a read only history of product role changes in the system history, so I can quickly audit changes to product roles [RQ:4776]
Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Add functionality to the SpiraApp manager so developers can listen to grids loading for requirement steps, test steps, and risk mitigations on their details pages [IN:9566]
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for risks to the keyboard shortcut reference [IN:9512]
  • Add the ability for Spira and AWS customers to record the results of AWS CodeBuilds (including from CodePipeline) as builds against releases/sprints [IN:9523]
  • Fix a user having a certain timezone set on their profile causing pages to load with an error [IN:9411]
  • Fix text custom properties always sorting by descending in reports (introduced in 7.12) [IN:9451]
  • Fix the product history pages showing product membership changed by the user changed, not the admin who made the change, when deleting the membership from the user details page [IN:9458]
  • Fix the system history details screen only showing the first 15 fields changed, instead of showing all changed fields [IN:9414]
  • Fix the system history list page showing a time that does not account for the admin's time-zone in tooltips for rows about changes to users [IN:9362]
  • Improve performance and compatibility by streamlining recently added indexes to tests to exclude long text fields [IN:9476]
  • Improve the label name for the Jira data sync custom01 field to avoid misinterpretation [IN:9277]
  • Remove keyboard shortcuts relating to the legacy planning board from the keyboard shortcut reference [IN:9511]
  • Remove the legacy planning board from the application as it is no longer needed given the new and improved main planning board [IN:9525]
  • Show our cloud customers that our SaaS solution is proudly Powered by AWS [IN:9513]
  • Update the test execution guided tours to describe the application as "Spira" not "SpiraTeam" [IN:9420]

Version (May 2024)

Bug fixes

  • Improve handling when uploading larger SpiraApp bundles and packages [IN:9516]

Version 8.0 (May 2024)


Previously only available in SpiraPlan, now SpiraTeam users also have access to risks and risk mitigations to better manage their products.

View test coverage for requirements and releases from their details pages, to make it easier than ever to assess test traceability.

SpiraApps extend what is possible in Spira, addressing specific use cases. They are now open to third party development, to give you far more options to tailor Spira to your needs.

New Features
  • SpiraApps

    • As a system admin, I can install and manage SpiraApps created by developers with a dedicated developer mode and features, to help me prototype and test locally developed SpiraApps [RQ:4781]
    • As a system admin, the SpiraApps system admin list page has an improved grid that makes it easier to review and act on installed SpiraApps [RQ:4780]
    • As a system admin, I can install officially distributed SpiraApp bundles, to allow me to enhance my organization's Spira [RQ:4787]
    • As a system admin, I can view history entries for when SpiraApps are added, deleted, activated, or deactivated, to provide me with a clear audit trail for SpiraApps [RQ:4782]
Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Add an API call that will allow Spira to track when a data sync starts running or changes status from Not Run to In Progress [IN:8629]
  • Add more value to SpiraTeam by including full support for product risks [IN:9421]
  • Fix the test case folder count not updating correctly when one of its subfolder is deleted [IN:7165]
  • Fix v6 & v7 APIs to return the user's full name when getting project users (introduced in 7.13) [IN:9440]
  • Help admins get help or more information about a SpiraApp by showing the link of the SpiraApp on their settings pages [IN:9416]
  • Improve SpiraApps for developers by requiring API calls to third parties be made with reference to the guid and not the name of the SpiraApp [IN:9427]
  • Improve the SpiraApp developer experience with css nesting and localStorage support [IN:9417]
  • Show the test coverage indicator at the top of the requirement details page to help users see the same information the details page that they can on the list page [IN:9185]
  • Show the test coverage indicator at the top of the release details page to help users see the same information the details page that they can on the list page [IN:9186]
  • Update the SpiraPlan product name to use bold for "Spira" [IN:9418]
  • Upgrade the icon set used throughout the application to allow for future flexibility in icon design [IN:9296]