Configuring the Email Integration Service

Once you have completed the installation, you can configure the email integration service by going to Start > Program Files > Inflectra SpiraTeam > Tools > Email Integration which will bring up the management interface.

Connecting to the SpiraTeam Server

The first tab lets you specify the SpiraTeam instances that the email integration service will connect to. To add a new SpiraTeam server, click on the green Add (+) icon to switch the screen to allow you to enter a new server:

You need to enter the following information:

Click the "Test" button to verify the connection. Once it has passed, click the Save icon to save the new SpiraTeam server information.

To modify an existing SpiraTeam server instance, just click on its name in the server list. To delete a server, select its name in the server list and click the Delete icon (X).

Once you have entered all the SpiraTeam instances that you will be connecting to, click the "Next" button to move to the next tab and configure the mail server integration.

3.2. Connecting to the POP3 Mail Server

The "POP3 Accounts" tab displays a list of all the configured mail servers:

Initially it will be empty, so just click the Add (+) icon to add a new mail server:

You need to enter the following information:

Configuring the Advanced Settings

Once you have finished configuring the SpiraTeam server instances and POP3 mail accounts, you can click on the "Advanced Settings" tab to setup special rules that prevent emails from specific accounts being processed as well as allow the email integration service to look for special mail headers and subject tokens that might indicate bulk / spam messages that should be ignored.

You can configure the following settings:

In addition, there are two other sub-tabs to the Advanced Settings tab that provide configuration options:

The "Ignore Headers" section allows you to specify any email message headers that if present in an email message will be ignored by the email integration service.

Note: Right now, the importer will only check the presence of a header, not its contents. As long as the header exists, even if it's value is null, the message will not be imported.

The "Ignore Keywords" section allows you to specify any keywords/phrases that if present in the subject-line or body of an email message will be ignored by the email integration service. Some mail servers that have built-in SPAM detection systems will automatically add SPAM-HIGH, SPAM-MEDIUM, SPAM-LOW to the subject line (for example).