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TaraVault® is the secure source code and file hosting service from Inflectra that allows you to host your source code and other assets in our secure cloud, integrated with our SpiraTeam® application lifecycle management system.

This guide outlines how to activate and use TaraVault® with a cloud-based instance of SpiraPlan® or SpiraTeam®. The guide covers the general activation process in additional to specific sections dedicated to the two supported SCM technologies -- Git or Subversion.

This guide assumes that the reader is familiar with both SpiraPlan/SpiraTeam and the appropriate SCM platform (Git and/or Subversion). For information regarding how to use SpiraPlan/Team, please refer to the SpiraPlan User Manual or the SpiraTeam User Manual.

Activating TaraVault

To get started, log into your existing SpiraPlan or SpiraTeam instance (hereafter referred to as Spira) with a system administrator account and go to the main Administration menu:

You should see the 'TaraVault' menu entry under the "System" heading. If you don't see this option then you might either be self-hosted or running SpiraTest. If you are running SpiraTest, please contact Inflectra customer services to get your account upgraded to SpiraTeam.

Click on this TaraVault link to bring up the TaraVault administration home page:

This screen lets you know that your instance of Spira does not yet have an active instance of TaraVault. This is normal and you should now click on the 'Activate TaraVault' button to activate TaraVault. Once this is done, the screen will display:

This provides you information on the name and ID of your TaraVault account as well as an indication as to how many source code users your subscription allows. If you need to purchase additional users, just contact Inflectra customer services who will be happy to help you out.

Now that your instance is active, you will need to provision individual projects and also activate the Spira users that will be allowed to commit code or files into the TaraVault repositories. Note: All users in Spira will be able to view the files in TaraVault without needing a separate TaraVault license.