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Release Notes for Spira v3

Version 3.2 (December 2011)

New features

  • Language pack for Finnish customers
  • Global search capability across artifacts and projects
  • Build management and integration capabilities
  • Ability to attach a source code file to a SpiraTeam artifact
  • Additional My Page widgets for reading RSS feeds, logging incidents and displaying subscriptions
  • RSS Feeds added to the My Saved Searches and My Subscribed Artifacts widgets
Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Ability to specify multiple IDs for artifact filters in printable reports (+)
  • Print button added to Task Details page (+)
  • Links added to artifact History tabs to make it easier to perform revert and purge operations (+)
  • Application restarts when database previously offline without needing IIS reset (!)
  • Ability to filter reports by selecting a folder / summary requirement to report on just one branch (+)
  • Report option added to list screen toolbars to allow easier reporting on lists of items (+)
  • Ability to more easily attach an existing document from the Documents tab to an artifact (+)
  • Web Service API extended to allow artifact moves (+)
  • Incident closed date automatically cleared when incident moves to open status (-)
  • Allows document version to be set on initial upload and adds screenshot capture to document upload screen (+)
  • Updated navigation bar added to task, automation hosts, documentation and resources pages (+)
  • History entry added to artifacts when they’re exported to a new project to provide auditability (+)
  • Additional token available in Email notification template to allow the last comment/resolution to be included (+)

Version 3.1 (June 2011)

New features

  • Support for multiple languages
    • Language packs for French, German, Spanish and Czech languages
  • Ability to for project members to view schedules and perform time tracking
  • Version control of all artifacts including undo of updates and deletes
  • Additional dashboard widgets, reports and charts/graphs
    • Document Tag Cloud
    • Burndown, Velocity and Burnup graphs now available in Project Home dashboard
  • Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feeds of data from My Page dashboard widgets
  • Agile / Scrum Planning Board that allows easier BackLog and Sprint planning
  • New graphing system based on HTML Canvas that allows data and graphs to be exported
  • Enhanced bulk editing tools and ability to perform multiple-item drag and drop ordering
Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Allow custom properties to be reported on in summary (x, y) charts
  • Ability to move/copy documents between folders
  • Add comments fields to all detailed reports
  • New navigation sidebar on requirements, releases and incidents screens
  • Shortcuts for inserting child artifacts and creating artifacts from other types on list pages
  • Easier task editing on Release details page
  • Requirements and Tasks tabs now show both requirements and tasks linked to the Release
  • Predefined date ranges added to date-range filters
  • Long-running tasks (e.g. project delete, copy) run as background tasks to avoid timeout issues

Version 3.0 (September 2010)

New features

  • Plan requirements (user stories) directly against iterations for enhanced Scrum/Agile support
  • Project members can view team members’ assigned artifacts on a single screen
  • Enhanced Email Notification Functionality including customizable events and email templates
  • Discussion threads available for requirements, releases and tasks
  • Ability to work on different projects at the same time in the same browser session
  • PDF format reports available for the requirements module
Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Performance of application enhanced, with incident details screen completed re-optimized
  • Right-click shortcut menus added to data-grids in the system to reduce scrolling and enhance usability
  • Screenshot utility added to allow easier uploading of screen captures to artifacts in the system
  • Ability to send artifacts directly to individuals through an email sending dialog box
  • Subscription functionality added to allow users to subscribe to specific artifacts in the system
  • Exporting of requirements and releases between projects no longer loses hierarchy when multiple items chosen
  • Sorting artifacts by custom text fields now supported
  • Enhanced API that provides greater access to the system functions with integrated help system
  • Obsolete requirements status added