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This section outlines how to integrate KronoDesk® into SpiraTeam®. This will enable KronoDesk agents to log incidents emerging from a ticket directly from the KronoDesk interface into SpiraTeam. They will also be able to see and review any SpiraTeam incidents already linked to existing KronoDesk tickets.

The integration is built-in to KronoDesk out of the box, with no add-ons necessary.

Configuring SpiraTeam

In order for KronoDesk to successfully connect to SpiraTeam to create incidents, you need to first enable the security permissions for REST API access. To do this, please open up SpiraTeam and go to the Administration > System > Security Settings page:

You need to enter in the URL domain of your KronoDesk. This tells SpiraTeam that CORS REST API requests from this domain is authorized. For non-production environments, you can also just set the value to (*) to allow all requests:

We do not recommend this setting for production.

Once you have done this, you also need to get the API Key for the user that will be connecting to SpiraTeam from KronoDesk. Go to the User Profile page (if it's your user) or the Administration > Edit Users page, if you want to connect as a different user:

You need to make sure that Enable RSS Feeds is set to Active = Yes, and that there is an RSS Token. This is your REST API Key. Make sure you have the following:

  • User Name

  • RSS Token

This is what you will use to connect from KronoDesk.

Configuring KronoDesk

Now, inside KronoDesk, please go to: Administration > Help Desk Settings > Spira Integration:

Enter the following information for your SpiraTeam instance:

  • Spira URL

  • Login

  • API Key (RSS Token)

Then when you click [Test], you should see the following:

If you see an authentication error, please check the login and RSS Token / API Key and try again.

Now you need to associate the support agent in KronoDesk with the specific SpiraTeam user. To do this, each user needs to go to their User Profile in KronoDesk:

They should enter the Spira login and RSS Token and click Test:

Then click Save Changes to update your profile with this information.

Using KronoDesk with SpiraTeam

Now when you view a ticket in KronoDesk, you should see the Incidents tab for that ticket:

This means that you are connected to SpiraTeam but that there are no incidents logged against this help desk ticket.

If you click the + Add New Incident button, you will see the following dialog appear:

You can now select the Project, then populate the Incident Name and the various required fields:

Note that the Description field is prepopulated by the Ticket Description and associated Notes, this is normally sufficient for SpiraTeam, but you can edit it and tailor the incident description if you need.

Once you click +Add, the new incident is logged in SpiraTeam and linked to the current ticket:

If you click on the incident hyperlink, you will see that the incident is available in SpiraTeam:

In addition, in the Attachments tab is a hyperlink for the developers to see the original help desk ticket: