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Permissions and Workflows

How to make a field required or hidden or disabled

There are two ways that a field can be required. The best way to control this is through the workflow. This controls what fields are required, not required, disabled/read only, or hidden.


The below works for any artifact that has a workflow. Below we are changing the Incident workflow

  1. Find the template that your product is using
  2. As a template administrator go to Template Administration > Incidents > Workflows
  3. If you have more than workflow decide which one to change (different incident types can be set to use different workflows)
  4. Click Steps next to the workflow
  5. The left most column shows the steps/statuses. Decide which steps/statuses you want to change
  6. For each relevant step/status click on the name of the status
  7. Edit the field(s) by selected the appropriate option - eg if you want the "Detected Release" to be required, make sure "Required" is selected.
  8. Hit Save

Custom properties

Custom properties have a special option that says whether a blank value is allowed or not. If a blank value is allowed, then the field will onyl be required if the workflow step/status says so. If a blank value is not allowed then anytime you try to save an artifact with that field and the value is blank it will prompt you for a value.

To change if a blank value is allowed or not for a custom property: 1. Find the template that your product is using 2. As a template administrator go to Template Administration, find the artifact section you need, and click its "Custom Properties" link 4. Find the custom property you want to change 5. Click Edit Defintion 6. Go to the Options tab in the popup 7. Set the "Allow Empty" dropdown to Yes or No as desired 8. Hit Save

Why does a user not see the right transitions

When a user goes to look at the detail of an artifact they may be able to change the status by transitioning from one status to another. This is called a transition. What transitions show up when for what users is controlled by a number of things.

To troubleshoot the issue you need to be a template administrator. The summary steps to review are below. Please refer to the admin guide for more information.

  1. Is the right workflow in use?
    • You can have lots of workflows for an artifact
    • One workflow will be the default
    • Other workflows can be made inactive
    • Different workflows can be assigned to different types of that artifact
    • So... if you have an incident of type bug, check what workflow is assigned to bugs - that is the one to explore
  2. Is there a transition in the right place?
    • Now that you know you are looking at the right workflow you can see if the transition exists
    • Look at the starting step/status and see if there is a transition going from it to the correct new step/status
  3. Are the right people able to see and execute that transition?
    • You should now have the right workflow and the right transition
    • The next place to look is at the transition itself
    • Click on the transition button on the workflow page
    • Can the right users see/execute the transition?
    • Make sure to enable the necessary product roles and hit Save to commit any changes