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Release Notes for Spira v2

Version 2.3.1 (March 2010)

New features

  • Ability to browse Source Code repositories and link code revisions to SpiraPlan artifacts
  • Plug-In for the Subversion version control system now available
  • Ability to synchronize incidents with the Mantis bug-tracking system
  • Support for MS-Word and MS-Excel 2007 specific reports
Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Incident graphs not including data before the start of the date-range fixed
  • Issue changing font and text-size in rich-text editor in MSIE fixed
  • Usability of hierarchical dropdown controls improved; auto-suggest added
  • Attachment tab of artifact screens changed to use popup dialog box and sortable grid
  • MS-Office reports now able to display formatted text entered in rich-text editor
  • Issue on list screens where pagination dropdown disabled after clicking Edit, now fixed
  • Dashboard edit settings functionality fixed to work on non-English versions of .NET
  • Issue when filtering by (None) or multiple values causes subsequent insert to fail now fixed
  • Performance improved on requirements and release details pages
  • Associations comments can now be edited after original creation

Version 2.3 (November 2009)

New features

  • Ability to customize and save report configurations
  • Additional reports and project home page widgets including a requirements traceability matrix
  • Ability to move, reconfigure and customize user/project dashboards
  • Ability to create project groups and view an integrated project group dashboard
  • Support for Windows Authentication when connecting to database
  • Auto-suggest functionality added to dropdowns throughout application
  • Multi-select and date-range filtering added to the various list screens
  • Ability to specify the database catalog and user names when installing
  • Sorting and filtering added to Project Membership and LDAP Import administration screens
  • Expanded API for external system integration
Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Enhanced usability of various controls and selection boxes including a tree-control for selecting test case coverage
  • Enhanced performance of application when lots of releases are defined
  • Adding a test folder to a release or requirement adds all the constituent test cases
  • Ability to sort incident and test run reports
  • Ability to run Test Run reports for all releases not just a single release
  • Filtering incidents by release includes child iterations as part of filter
  • Project title and report overview added to the various reports in the system
  • Summary graphs fixed so that the x-axis values are sorted
  • Performance of project delete function greatly improved
  • Issue where hierarchical pages sometimes display multiple pages of the same filtered data fixed

Version 2.2 (May 2009)

New features

  • Ability to upload documents to a project and organize into types and folders with meta-tagging
  • Support for versioning of uploaded documents
  • Ability to assign project resources and track personnel capacity
  • Incidents integrated with release/iteration effort planning functionality
  • Enhanced data integration architecture for easier integration with external systems. Use of XML mapping files replaced
  • with GUI-driven data mapping configuration.
  • New AJAX controls for use with hierarchical dropdowns
  • Drag-and-drop AJAX editing of project tasks in the Iteration Planning Screens
Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Ability to switch a row in the artifact grids to edit mode just by clicking on its cell. Similarly support for activating a filter,
  • updating an edited row and canceling an edit operation by use of the Enter and Escape keys now supported
  • Ability to select saved filters directly from the artifact list pages as well as the ‘My Page’
  • Ability to assign all tasks in a requirement to an iteration
  • Incident status drop-down replaced with incident transition action menu for improved usability
  • Incident adjacent move buttons replaced with list of current incidents matching filter – improves consistency with the
  • other parts of the application and improves usability
  • Usability enhancements for editing tasks, including automating updating of linked requirements’ status as well as autosetting of % complete based on changes to tasks status
  • LDAP Integration and Email Integration both support use of SSL-encrypted connections
  • Performance Enhancements on the artifact list screens
  • Data Access Framework migrated from OleDb to native SQL Server libraries for enhanced performance

Version 2.1 (January 2009)

New features

  • Option to save current filter on requirements, releases, incidents and tasks list pages
  • Ability to copy/export incidents and tasks between projects
  • Multiple-item cut, copy and paste editing added to the various list pages in the application
  • Custom properties support cross-artifact project lists enabling reusability of common list values
Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Requirements list widget added to My Page to display requirements assigned to the current user
  • Enhanced usability of various controls and selection boxes
  • Improved performance of Requirements and Releases list screens
  • Bulk editing of incidents and tasks artifacts on the list screens
  • Validation of URL attachments modified to support additional protocols and URL formats
  • Filtering on hierarchical list pages displays parent folders to provide context of filtered items
  • Ability to filter all list columns on ‘None’ to display items where no value has been specified
  • Bug where newly inserted items appear at top of list (instead of bottom) has been fixed

Version 2.0.1 (October 2008)

New features

  • Ability to view release and iteration schedules and assign tasks, tests and incidents
  • Release / Iteration planning screen that allows you to quickly reallocate task assignments
  • View the aggregate task progress for a requirement and compare against requirement high-level estimates
  • View the aggregate estimated and actual task effort for a release/iteration and compare against planned values
  • Support for project estimation and actual effort tracking/analysis at the release and iteration levels
  • Ability to attach URLs to artifacts as well as file attachments
  • Additional project planning home page widgets and reports – including velocity, burndown and burnup
  • Ability to create a new requirement from an existing enhancement incident – closing the lifecycle feedback loop
Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Release / iteration information added to Requirements Plan report
  • Enhanced usability on all artifact details screens, including ability to print, create and delete directly from that page
  • Improved performance on the hierarchical list screens (requirements, releases and test cases) including support for
  • variable size pagination
  • Ability to assign an owner to a requirement artifact
  • Project URLs (displayed on the project home page) can now include HTTPS protocol formats
  • Deleting requirements no longer deletes their associated tasks, merely removes the association to the requirement
  • Bug where filtering test cases by a release and the ‘not run’ execution status returned no results has been fixed
  • Clicking on an email link for a non-existent artifact displays a friendly message instead of a system exception.
  • Bug preventing easy editing of list screen text-boxes in Firefox
  • ‘Screen bounce’ issues when editing some pages has been addressed
  • When inserting a new incident, the custom property panel is correctly reset
  • Clicking an item in the drop-down lists used in the hierarchical list screens now closes the drop-down