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Welcome to the SpiraPlan User Manual

How to use this manual

This documentation is designed for all users of SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, or SpiraPlan.

It can be read 'cover to cover' or you can dip into a specific section for key information.

To find the section you need, open the "User Manual" section from the site navigation to see all available chapters.

This manual is built around a few core areas:

  • An [overview of the functionality(./
  • Your [user profile and home page(./
  • Features [common to many parts of the application(./
  • Information about accessing the core data in SpiraPlan - which we store in areas called "Workspaces" Workspaces are hierarchical. Most data is stored in [products(./ Products are grouped together in [programs(./ Programs are grouped together in [portfolios(./ Portfolios are all grouped under the [enterprise(./ view.

The Product section is by far the biggest part of this manual. This section is further divided up into 5 areas: planning, testing, developing, tracking, reporting. These areas mirror how you navigate around a product inside SpiraPlan itself.